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What to sleep at night? What is more important - comfort or sexuality?

1 июня 2019, в 15:49


What to sleep at night? What is more important - comfort or sexuality?

Sleeping girl

What to sleep in winter when it’s cold and dank outside? How to find a balance between comfort and sexuality?

That winter has come. We gladly fished out warm woolen pajamas, flannel nightgowns with long sleeves, and socks from the bowels of the closet.

But how do our partners and spouses really relate to this sweet whim? Do they find us attractive in this winter garb?


History of sleepwear

“I hate nightgowns! Who is wearing them now? ”- Audrey Hepburn, the heroine, said vexedly in the movie“ Roman Holiday ”.


Until the 15th century, the question of what to sleep at night was not relevant - representatives of nobility and commoners slept in everyday things or naked. Nightgown - the first clothes created specifically for sleep - appeared in the late Middle Ages in Germany. These were simple, long vestments of thin fabric that only very wealthy people could afford. And only by the beginning of the 19th century the nightdress became accessible to everyone, regardless of financial position and status.


Nightgowns in our time look a little different than in the Middle Ages, or even in the days of our grandmothers. They became more open and short - with the advent of central heating in all houses, the heating function faded into the background. Traditional materials - cotton and silk - are being replaced by more modern ones, for example, knitted materials, from thin cotton yarn with the addition of chemical fibers. They are soft, light, easy to wash and iron.


Nightgowns, pajamas of various colors, T-shirts with shorts — these clothes for sleep are present in the wardrobe of all modern ladies. Many have no idea how to sleep without clothes. At the same time, the phrase by the magnificent Marilyn Monroe that she puts on only a drop of Chanel No. 5 perfume is well known at night. But how many of us are so confident? And how will our partners react to this?


The most sexy sleepwear

Almost a thousand users were interviewed to find out what they prefer to sleep in and what kind of night clothes they consider to be the sexiest.

The results showed that the most attractive women's sleepwear is a short nightdress, and the sexiest men's nightwear is boxer shorts.


At the same time, the respondents admitted that if they sleep not alone, but with a partner or spouse, they prefer to sleep without clothes. They would also like to see their faithful or lady of the heart naked.


However, the answers seemed somewhat contradictory - why, if the nightdress is the sexiest night outfit, should the lady be naked? For the answer to this question, we decided to seek advice from George Shishov - the best cognitive psychologist in Russia in 2012.


According to him, “in the responses that people want to see a partner during sleep without clothes, there is a little guile. Thus, users want to demonstrate their increased readiness for sexual relations and emancipation. ”


Indeed, modern sleepwear is very beautiful and erotic! Comfortable shorts with T-shirts for women and men, a variety of lace or satin nightgowns for women - these are necessary elements of good sleep and tools of seduction.


How to make a choice?

Nightgowns help ladies to accept and love their body. Silk, satin, with laces or a deep neckline, with “predatory” prints and bright colors - they emphasize feminine beauty, charm and sexuality. According to Georgy Shishov, “In fact, a short nightdress, loose shorts with a T-shirt is an ideal option for sleeping clothes that arouses heightened interest in the partner and provokes sexual attraction. No wonder, even the classics of world literature noted that the small closeness of the body excites much more than nudity itself. Intrigue, the desire to learn the hidden - these are the roots of such arousal. I advise you to choose sexy and comfortable clothes. Excessive demonstration of the naked body leads to a loss of interest in the fact that it is always visible. ”


According to the results of the survey, only 6.8% of men consider pajamas to be sexy and the perfect model of sleepwear. What to sleep at night with a man? Just not in pajamas! Therefore, we propose to leave your favorite flannel outfit with bears for pajama parties or quiet evenings with a book when you do not expect guests.


But what men sleep in? 39.3% of women preferred underwear. Men who doubt the choice of ladies, please read David Beckham's latest shooting for the H & M brand - we are sure you will change your mind.


The most important thing is not to forget that we are most attractive when we feel we are, when we are confident. And no matter what makes us feel sexy - nightgown or lack thereof.




We wish you fun and hot nights!


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