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The best wife - smart, not sexy

31 мая 2019, в 19:17


According to the survey, it turned out that an intelligent and not too sexy wife is the best wife for a strong and happy marriage.


On the eve of International Women's Day, one of the dating sites for a serious relationship conducted a survey among its users to find out, using the example of female professions, what qualities men are important for building a family and which professions men consider to be the best wives. The survey involved 350 men.


According to the interviewed men, the best wives are doctors (56%), teachers (45%) and accountants (34%). Obviously, the best wife for a man is a representative of a “practical” profession: the doctor will heal, the teacher will help the children in school, and the accountant will be able to keep the family budget under control and plan expenses. In turn, men are important and a certain set of qualities that should have their partner.


These qualities were intelligence, care, economy and economy. So, the doctor seems to be the most caring men (67%), the teacher is one of the most intelligent (67%), the accountant is the most economical (72%). At the same time, it is the combination of applied skills and inner qualities that is important: for example, a researcher, according to men, has the greatest intellectual abilities, but is not among the three best wives.


Interestingly, the most "sexy" and "active", according to survey participants, are representatives of various professions, such as the dancer, model and actress, were not the best wives, in the opinion of the men surveyed. At the same time, these professions are very small indicators of such attributed qualities such as loyalty and intelligence. Probably, men oppose loyalty to sexuality, and the second set, which promises them a more stable and happier marriage, is choosing an active mind for building serious long-term relationships.


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