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Successful dating in Moscow

31 мая 2019, в 19:45


“Moscow is a big lottery. Here you can win everything at once, ”said the heroine of the film“ Moscow Doesn't Believe in Tears. ” And she was absolutely right!

Not sleeping, running, frivolous and crazy - this is how its inhabitants and guests describe the capital. And also very attractive! According to the data, Moscow ranks fourth in the country for the attractiveness of residents. Where to meet them?


On the one hand, there are many opportunities for dating in Moscow - modern parks, new pedestrian zones in the heart of the city, numerous museums, galleries, cafes, clubs and even long trips on the metro have to make conversation with strangers and find new friends. But ask its residents and you will find out that finding a serious relationship in Moscow is no easier than in small cities.


Dating in Moscow: in the rhythm of a big city

Most Muscovites live between home and work and know very well how difficult it is to meet “your” person, to find love in a big city. It is no coincidence that psychologists are increasingly talking about loneliness in million-plus cities - being among hundreds of thousands of strangers on a daily basis, it is not easy to find the only close person in the megalopolis.


In addition, the older we get, the stronger our social circle narrows, the number of single candidates for dating around them decreases. It becomes hard to force yourself to go somewhere after work, and the search for new acquaintances in Moscow turns into a difficult task. Yes, and “the release of the light” does not guarantee a successful acquaintance, and the people you like are often already in relationships.


Our dating site is just for those who want to find the right person in the capital. Looking for a loved one in Moscow, with whom you are not just in the same city, but also compatible in character, you have high chances to create a strong union, and most importantly, both are in search of new serious relationships.


Many happy couples from Moscow met on our site, for example, Elena and Eugene have been married for several years after the meeting, and Alexander moved to his beloved, Polina, from Berlin to Moscow!


Thanks to such love stories, we are sure that you will meet your beloved person in Moscow, who “does not believe in tears”.


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