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How to meet a girl?

14 марта 2019, в 22:49


Thanks to the helpful advice of psychologists, you can avoid feelings of embarrassment in communication. We will help you to stop worrying forever the question: "How to get acquainted with a girl?"

Step One: Assess the situation correctly

Every single young man wants to have an affair with a beautiful girl. But often the insurmountable obstacle to a dream turns out to be the very first step - acquaintance. In the morning on weekdays, when girls are in a hurry for business, it is very difficult to get to know each other - it’s not really up to you now. It is better to meet in such situations when a girl has time, she is not in a hurry, and you can chat a little.


On a dating site, getting to know a girl is much easier, since you both know that you are actively searching. Guided by the statement "who does not risk, he does not drink champagne," start a correspondence! Many girls are ready to start communicating with a young man first, but numerous polls confirm: girls still expect that the first step will be taken by a man.


A good start to making acquaintance, with the owner of the profile you liked, will be the question to her profile: her interests, hobbies, expectations from her partner. Make a compliment to any details in the form or photos. Express your opinion or ask a question. The main thing is to start a conversation, then communication will go much easier.




Step Two: Be confident

What to talk about with girls? Yes, even about what. The main thing is that your words should be sincere and confident. If a girl attracted you, this is a reason to know her better! So do not sit and do not expect that she accidentally draws attention to you, take the initiative in your hands. Stay confident and at ease, ask her opinion, ask her a few questions about the range of her interests - perhaps you will immediately find common topics for conversation.


The famous dialogue master, American TV journalist Larry King, argues that the best question for most situations is: why? It does not imply a monosyllabic response, after which an awkward pause can hang and helps to establish a deeper contact with the interlocutor. For example, the girl wrote that she wants to move to another city or does not like to be alone? Be sure to find out why!




Step Three: Be Yourself

There are many tips and tutorials on how to meet a girl. Even so-called pick-up coaches appeared, offering seminars on mastering the technique of dating girls. But they all agree that the simplest and most effective way to win the attention of a girl is to be sincere.


Believe me, you don’t need to prove or show yourself as you really aren’t - just be yourself. Use a sense of humor and do not forget that all women, without exception, love when they make compliments. Even if you die of embarrassment, try to admit it - most girls will appreciate your sincerity!




Know other effective ways to start chatting? Share them in the comments!


We wish you a happy dating!


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