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Down with the complexes

13 марта 2019, в 20:51

Glasses decorate

It turned out that glasses do not make us less attractive: for 82% it doesn’t matter whether you are wearing glasses or not, this will not affect how much they like you. Moreover, 10% of male respondents believe that this accessory, on the contrary, only decorates a person! Unfortunately, only 5% of women agree with men, and continue to be shy to wear glasses.


The woman in glasses is beautiful, and the man is successful

And in vain: a girl with glasses seems 57% of men attractive, and 43% believe that glasses make a woman’s image modern and sexy (41%). So it's time to run to the nearest optics, pick up a beautiful frame, and seduce men!


As expected, for women, a man with glasses gives the impression of being smart (39%) and attractive (42%). Moreover, wearing glasses, dear men, you will create an image of a successful person for 32% of survey participants. In one of our studies, we have already figured out that the mind is attractive, so it is not surprising that for 14% of women, glasses also make a man sexy.


More dates thanks to the stylish frame

A pleasant discovery was that 16% of men and 20% of women firmly believe that, due to poor eyesight, their chances of success with the opposite sex increased.


But for the sake of true love, they are ready to give up their favorite accessory: 36% of men will do everything for their beloved, who does not like glasses, and will switch to contact lenses. Only 22% of women are ready for such a sacrifice: he must love me for who I am!


Points are the key to success on a dating site

And men support this: on a dating site, 19% of men at the sight of a photo of a woman in glasses will send her a message without delay!

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